#13 Development 2

It was hard to fully understand the mathematical relationships between the different faces and the axles inside the dodecahedron. I was convinced for a while that the three folded cups I made earlier could be mounted on the faces or the corners of a regular triangle pyramid. It seemed so logical that if I had 4 identical forms and I wanted to mount them in a sphere; the axes or faces I mount them on would all have the same angles between them. When I started trying this in paper it appeared that my thinking was wrong. Yes, the centerpoints of my 4 identical shapes were on the corners of this pyramid BUT the centerlines where not facing towards the center of the sphere… To get a better understanding of the dodecahedron I decided to make a very simple foldout, put it together and mark the faces with colors. It was only then, by holding it in my hands and putting my fingers on corners and faces I could visualize my mistakes.

Earlier I explained another idea to my teacher about mounting the 4pieces on a bent metalframe. Allthough we were supposed to keep the use of metalwire for structuring to a minimum (and invisible) he told me to keep it as 2th or 3th option.

The last picture shows another little thingie that came to mind. It’s a very simple shape/idea but if all else fails…. At least I have something.

I decided to give it (and myself) a little rest and pick up were I left after the holidays.

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