Picking the LC03 and research

My personal favorite for the iconic design chair project is the elegant LC03 designed by Maarten Van Severen and  Fabian Schwaerzler. The teacher approved my choice so I immediatly started searching for technical drawings, exact dimensions and possibly a 3d cad model of the chair. A phonecall to the Pastoe office in the Netherlands learned me that the chair was sold by them in the past but the license for this chair is now in the hands of De Padova, an Italian design furniture label. A bit of searching and clicking lead me to a page on their website from where I could download a perfect 3d model in dxf format (autocad).


It appeared to have the right dimensions so I can simply scale it down to 25% to get the right dimensions for the 1/4 scale model. I imported the file in Siemens NX and was able to generate 2d views from different angles and print them at the right size (25%) on A3 pages. I will use these prints as a layout to fold the metal (or copper) bars that will make the frame.


To make the seating surface I’m thinking about 3d printing and a paint job OR 3dprinting a mold and making the surface in a polyester composite with flax or glasfibres, just like the original.

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