Quick&dirty lightbox

There was this little project on my ‘when I have some time and energy left’-list that had been there for quite a while; A very simple lightbox to copy sketches and make further iterations on it. I allready had the key parts lying around; 12V led strip and a glass plate with one matted side. The plan was to build a very nice low profile box for it with integrated powersupply and an on/off switch. That was the plan, one for wich I didn’t find/make time yet.

However we now have to do assignment where we have to sketch at least some 100 iterations. Since I haven’t upgraded to a drawing tablet for sketching and at my studio I don’t have a nice big window available (wich can be used as a copy lightbox) I could actually use that lightbox to speed up the process.

So I decided to build a quick and dirty temporary version. Using the lid of a styrofoam ‘fresh fish’ box, some duct tape, paper, a few wires and the power source in my lab station I was up and running in less the 15min…


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