More spirulina and some experiments

After about 3 weeks of growing Spirulina algae from a 150ml sample I now have about 4l spread over 4 bottles. Hoping to switch to a larger container soon.

Meanwhile I started doing some experiments with dried spirulina I bought online. From each source I read it basicly comes down to breaking to cell structure to get to the content. Breaking stuff means mechanical forces to me..

  • grind with acid / water mix then pour in mold and apply to other materials and leave to dry;

    Semi-hardened fabric with green color, dried sushi sheets became hard and curled up, the emulsion in the mold basicly broke up in little chunks while drying. Everything has a distinct algae scent…

  • 4 freeze and thaw cycles at -20°C, filtering and then mixing in ethanol (cheap wodka that is..) to try and extract whatever is inside the cells;

    After a day of settling I had a dark green/brown alcohol solution with some solids on the bottom of the flask. Next I’ll see what happens when applying this fluid to other materials.

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