Hi, I’m Jelle


After having worked for almost 16 years in different industries, I decided to pursue my passion for creation. Over the years I’ve always seen the potential for new, different, and better. I thrive on change. This inspired me to self-learn all sorts of skills as I went along, creating furniture, tools, and product-hacks, which helped me in my activities. During my recent studies, I added methodology to my creativity and learned to use my skills for the benefit of others, by designing useful products and innovations. I graduated, with great distinction, as an (industrial) product designer, with a specialization in design methodology, service design, and user experience.

I’m keen on contributing to solutions that improve quality of life while preserving our environment for ourselves and future generations. I’m particularly interested in the WHY-question. Why is something the way it is? Can we do better or should we focus on something else? What is the real problem?There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all (P.Drucker).