Hi, I’m Jelle


Currently, I’m finishing my last months of industrial design studies at Howest Industrial Design Center with an internship at KUBO. I took the long road to get here. Having worked for over 10 years after graduating from high school, I’ve worked as a technician, a process operator, and a photographer. Over the years I’ve always seen the potential for new, different, and better. This inspired me to self-learn all sorts of skills as I went along, creating my own customized products and tools, which helped me in my activities.

With the studies, I’m aiming to put all this experience together, add methodology to it, and create useful products and experiences. I believe in bringing the right story at the right time and I’m keen on contributing to solutions that improve quality of life while preserving our environment for ourselves and future generations.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for fresh ideas and motivated help in bringing your story to the world through human-centered and/or open-ended design. I’m particularly interested in design research, storytelling, content creation, prototyping, proofs-of-concept, computer-aided design, small series, and digital production, though I appreciate a focussed mix of activities.