summary: desklight made from mainly re-used materials

time frame: 3 days // spring 2016

project team: individual project

client: personal project

skills applied: CAD // 3dprinting // manual prototyping

Some time ago I was in need for a small desklight. Enough light to read or light the keypad of my laptop. Instead of buying one I decided to see if I could build something from stuff I had laying around.. That worked out pretty well but I couldn’t find a good piece or material source for attaching the ledstrip to the structure of the lamp. So I decided to add some custom designed new parts wich were 3dprinted.

upcycled parts;

  • 2 tent poles
  • 1 brick
  • 2cm rubber tubing
  • 15cm industrial flexible tubing
  • wiring
  • led strip, diffusor and powersource

new parts;

  • toggle switch
  • 3d printed holders
  • 4x40cm translucent pp sheet