Visualizing text

summary: A short introductory class into Infranodus, an online tool for visualizing textual information in a graphic way.

time frame: fall 2018 / 3d year of product design

project team: individual project

client: Howest

skills applied: speaking in front of an audience / storytelling / knowledge sharing / research

All 3d year students were asked to “teach” a short class to a crowd of +100 1st year students. The objective was to share insights we’ve learned along the way that are not part of the official program. I chose to share a tool I sometimes use to process large chunks of textual information. As a designer, you sometimes need to become an expert in a specific field as fast as possible. Obtaining an overview is key.

Infranodus is a tool that creates a navigatable map, showing key topics and insights. To quickly show it’s potential I set up an online questionnaire and connected the results in realtime to an infranodus text map. After each student had filled in the 2min questionnaire, I explored and edited the map during the presentation to look for quick key insights in the received data.