#13: Development 3

So.. It took me some time to get started it again. Holidays, exams, other projects. Somehow this project has been a drag for me, it never really ‘triggered’ or ‘inspired’ me. I would sometimes wake up at night with another idea, trying it later on got me irritated and feel like ditching the whole thing in the trash. I never got to a point where I got this ‘yes, this is it’ feeling….Since my time is running out I dediced to go for what was actually in my head from the very beginning. A very technical skeleton. I stopped worrying about hiding connections or trying to make them look as a part of the design.

I calculated how big my shade could be considering the size of the foldout that has to fit on the pp sheet. The maximum size for the circumscribed sphere or outside diameter is about360mm. A nice size for lampshade I would say.

Next fase will be connecting 4 groups, of 3’cups’ each, together.

Nannolith: exploration#8


This is my favorite exploration. The nannolith is basically a regular dodecahedron thus a mathematical shape. That makes it complex and simple at the same time. Amazing how nature looks so ‘designed’ when you zoom in to it.

For my lampshade the complexity comes down to finding the right sizes taking in account the thickness of the sheet and figure out a simple way to ‘click’ the 12 identical blocks together.