#13: development 1

What a project, I started this lampshade assignment with great enthousiasm. Along the way I got lost in inspiration, lack of experience in working with flat and flexibel material.. So the project became a bit of a drag. Combining it with lots of other projects coming together at the same time made me push this one a little more to the background.

After exploring a bit more with the nannolith  I extracted a nice shape that can be ‘easily’ folded. Feedback from the teacher was also very good, he liked this shape and even suggested to use it as is. With my time shortening it’s about time I made a decision on what exploration I will us to develop further into an actual lampshade. So then.. I will go for the Nannolith inspiration source, wich was actually my preference from the beginning.

During the class I tried attaching the shape to a triangle surface and later a tetraëder with some cutoff corners. I like where that’s  going an it resulted in more good feedback.