Exploration#12 Spiral Aloë

In a previous post I stated I wanted to continue my further explorations on the Nannolith but the spiral Aloë kept on buzzing in my mind. Ideas kept flowing and it was even waking me up at night… I felt I needed to to some more exploring on the leaves and the spiral. So I spent about 6 hours in total exploring leave shapes, overlap distances, curve/bend ratios.

Figuring out how connect the leaves with some overlap, make them stand in a desired angle connecting them together AND have them spiraling out is as slow trial and error proces. It feels a bit as if I’m hacking into the code of the plant :-)… To speed things up I made a quick design>> spiralleaves2 for a leave in cad, exported it to illustrator and put 9 leaves scaling up per 10% on an A3 page and printed them. For referencing I printed the size on each leave.

On 15th I discussed progress on the project with my teacher. He was surprised to see me go back to the Aloë after stating last week I wanted to continue the project with the Nannolith. Then he told me that an Aloë was on his ‘blacklist’… Because it was such an obvious first ‘google’ choice that many students put into their inspiration collection. When he looked at the things I did so far he was glad to see I wasn’t just sticking some leaves on a pole but analysing the complete structure and trying to really get as close to the real thing as possible. Allthough he warned me for the the time it would cost to get ‘close’, he gave me ‘permition’ to continue.. Later on I heard him giving feedback to another student stating that; inspiration is not the same as imitating something. Get inspiration and ideas, let it rest and then use aspects of your inspiration to create something new; that was what he was looking for. A very valuable lesson for me that is!