Hi everyone who attended the presentations on 9th of november 2018!

First of all I want to thank all of you who participated in my little experiment. My goal was to create an overview graph of all the students with their skills and motivations. I think it worked out pretty well. Offcourse I wished there was more time to expand/improve the graph by letting all of you give more comments on your first statements.

I tried to work with what we have now and decided to spit up the graph in two. One about skills and one about your motivations. Not everybody declared what his/her skills are but for those who did, this is the result;


It doesn’t look that surprising to me. Two big groups that believe they are good in prototyping or sketching and quite a bit less people who say they are good a generating new ideas. I don’t think I need to explain that a map like this can be helpfull when assembling a team based on complementary skills.

Then there are the motivations. I’m not a data-scientist but just an IPO student looking around for new and interesting tools to work with. I did an attempt in analysing the statements you provided me. Getting to a good result would require more input. I tried to analyse what we have now… I started by deleting very generic words that are used in different contexts and thus don’t really add something valuable. After doing this the graph looked more structured and some trends were noticable.

  1.  A lot of you mention creative/creativity as a strong driver but it seems it can have different meanings; hands-on crafts or creative thinking to solve problems and think about the future.  When talking about creativity, try to go deeper in to what it means to you personally. This will help you in connecting with the right people to achieve your goals.creative
  2. The future in general is THE big driver through mostly all of your statements. Good… I think it means most of you are not ignorant and want to take charge of your own future.future
  3. The world. Some of you just want money from it, others think world problems are solved by making things cheap and easy. Some of you just want to leave your mark and some of you have more noble motivations. This can be a team maker or a breaker once you start working on more complicated problems.world
  4. Hands and work. Some of you are connected with a love for creating tangible things with your hands. Anyone who wants to impress with great looking prototypes, get someone like this in your team!handwork
    (si = Sis, program glitch…)

I can not give you acces to the edited graph, even if I wanted too, but I can give acces to the original graph for you to look around in. There is limited tools available to analyse it so you can have a try with app. You’ll also find a tutorial and links to the infranodus/noduslabs website from wich you can apply for an invitation code or take a subscription. Also there is a cool blog and videos with tutorials and use cases.


If you delete some of the nodes (keywords) wich are very general and obvious the graph starts to look more structured and interesting; study, product, like, design, make, thing,….

Let me know if you have any question.